A Funny Thought

At the Age of Enlightenment some great philosophers and many people had the opinion that everything is well determined and we humans only can not handle enough parameters to calculate the future. This went so far that some considered it inhumane to punish anybody who committed a crime and even murder as everything was already determined at the begin of the universe and neither victim nor offender had the chance to avoid his fate. Everything was determined since the start of the universe. There was no freedom for us, no little jitter we can use to make our own decisions.

More than hundred years later, physicists discovered radioactivity and developed a much deeper understanding of what makes up the matter that surrounds us or rather find some limits to our understanding. One of the great discoveries was the uncertainty principle: the product of the location vector times the momentum can not accurately be determined and comes principally with an uncertainty of at least h/4π, with h = 6.626068 × 10-34 m2 kg / s. This unbelievable small quantity makes all our freedom, gives all our responsibilities and gives us space to move in directions of our choice.

Having one universe with all start parameters set without any uncertainty left would make the world a very dull place. There would be no change. We would have no interest in anything as our pre-determined thinking would not matter.

In geophysics it is the small companies that provide the jitter.

Therefore companies like Rybno Geo Data are important. It adds to the uncertainty, it adds the jitter on the market of geophysics. It enables you to make a decision. You can even get Rybno Geo Data engaged for your special requirements. As we know from physics, it is the small particles only where the uncertainty matters.
The small ones are driving our field, this system of uncertainty and jitter is pushing forward both, big and small.

Rybno Geo Data strives to master the basic techniques in some fields of airborne geophysics and may go beyond well trodden paths to enhance the value of the work of geophysicists.