Survey Preparation for Airborne Geophysics

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Geophysical Flight Planning

In case of an airborne survey a flightplan suitable for the geology and the exploration target is developed.

Flightplan example as PDF (168kB) is here available.

This is just a simple plan developed from a given polygonal track (red), expanded by 500m (green) with the southern edge as reference line for traverse lines and the central meridian as reference line for control lines. Traverse lines going more than a certain fraction of control line separation (here 0.4) beyond the control lines at an end are extended to hit the next control line. All lines were finally extended by a given extension value (here 50m) to ensure valid intersections. Reference lines could alternatively be defined by giving one point and strike direction. The sum of line kilometres is given in the listing file and plotted.

These lines are straight UTM lines, but lines could also be created as loxodromes (rhumb lines). The geographic package allows also the creation of great circle lines with waypoints at any given density for navigation. Here the lines have been defined by their end points and co-ordinates at every intersection involved. The lines can be converted to provide suitable waypoint data for the used navigation system.